08/12/2021 in News

What is the Vestibular System and why does it need Physio?


The vestibular system is a sensory system which helps keep your gaze and balance stable whenever head moves. It works together with the other senses like vision and joint position to help maintain your balance.

​It is made up of a peripheral system in your inner ear and also a central system in the brain

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When something goes wrong with this system it can leave you feeling dizzy and offbalance with other associated symptoms including nausea, blurred or jumpy vision, headaches, brain fog and hearing changes.


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Here at AVC, our team of highly skilled Vestibular Physiotherapists use the latest infra-red technology to determine the likely cause for your symptoms. They will then work with you to create an individualised, evidence-based rehabilitation program including exercises for your balance and gaze to help you return to a full life, free from dizziness or imbalance.