Strength & Balance Class


Keeping You Fit, Active And Feeling Youthful

At AVC we offer small group strength & balance classes specifically designed to keep you fit, active and feeling youthful.

Who Can Benefit From Strength & Balance Classes?

The short answer is everyone!

The combination of strength and balance training is one of the best defences against aging, meaning everyone will benefit, especially those with balance problems or weakness.


What can you expect?

The good news is that reaping the anti-aging benefits of exercise doesn't need to be hard! Some of the benefits include:

  • Build strength
  • Improve Bone Density
  • Improve Balance And Coordination
  • Prevent Falls

We like to keep the classes small with groups of 4-6 people aimed at improving your balance and physical function.

Classes go for 45minutes every Tuesday 8:30-9:15am at our Robina Clinic. Research has shown exercise programs need to be:

  • Regular (at least once a week)
  • Challenging (targeted to your limits)
  • Progressive (continue to build and improve each week)

This class focuses on your strength, mobility, endurance, inner ear (vestibular) function, and balance confidence.

How Does Balance Work?

Maintaining balance is the result of three sources of information:

  • Eyes
  • Inner Ear
  • Muscles & Joints

Loss of function in any of these three areas can negatively impact our ability to balance, preventing us from enjoying our usual hobbies and activities and causing troubles navigating our environments.

Multiple factors can lead to a loss of balance including, but not limited to: loss of confidence after a fall, disorders of the inner ear, decrease in activity levels, and age.


How Do You Start?

Prior to starting the class, we require you to attend an initial pre-assessment session with one of our Specialist Vestibular Physiotherapists to thoroughly assess your vestibular and balance impairments and identify specific strategies individualized to your needs.

Validated and objective measures will be utilized to identify specific areas of improvement and to track progress.

Call now to book an initial appointment with one of our specialised vestibular physiotherapists!