Aging, Dizziness & Imbalance


What effect does Age have on your body?

Dizziness is often the most common reason for an adult over the age of 65 to visit their doctor or to be hospitalised.

Due to a natural process of aging, people will experience many physical changes that may result in:

These conditions are known to cause dizziness and balance problems in adults over 65 years.

Common Causes of Dizziness and Imbalance

One or more of the following may affect your balance:

There may be others that are not listed here.


Treatment options for Dizziness related to Aging

The dizziness that you get can be a big contributing factor to falls, particularly in people over 65 years old. Symptoms may persist or get worse if treatment is not considered.

Most dizziness and balance disorders can be treated and improved. Therapists can perform assessments that are designed to determine if there is an inner ear problem (i.e. vestibular problem), a brain disorder or perhaps decreased strength and endurance due to inactivity.

Therapists can also customise a treatment program focused on balance retraining and symptom reduction depending on your clinical presentation. Symptoms may not disappear with everyone who is treated, but will usually improve to allow a return to daily activities.