Vestibular Migraine

What is Vestibular Migraine?

Vestibular migraine is a type of migraine where you experience episodes of dizziness or imbalance lasting from minutes to days with or without an actual headache.

People with vestibular migraine may have headaches without dizziness or dizziness without headaches. Vestibular migraine can include a number of debilitating symptoms affecting the balance, ears, and vision. It is the second most common cause of vertigo.

If you have had migraines in the past or a family history of migraine, you are more likely to develop vestibular migraine. What causes Vestibular migraine

Diagnosing Vestibular Migraine?

A diagnosis is made based on medical history and a physical examination. You may be referred to a specialist (neurologist) to assist with making this diagnosis.

Investigative tests may be ordered to rule out other balance disorders. These may include scans of your brain and inner ear.


Management of Vestibular Migraine?

A range of health care professionals are often required to best manage vestibular migraine including vestibular physiotherapist, neurologist, dietitian, psychologist. Management may include: