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Natalie Rando-Orr

Natalie Rando-Orr

Managing Director,
Vestibular Physiotherapist

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Natalie Rando-Orr is a highly experienced clinician and educator who has worked within the fields of Vestibular Physiotherapy and Neurological Rehabilitation for over 20 years.  She holds a Masters degree in Neurological Physiotherapy, has completed advanced training in the field of Vestibular rehabilitation and regularly attends both national and international conferences related to Vestibular dysfunction.  Natalie previously held the position of Assistant Director of Physiotherapy (Rehabilitation) at the Gold Coast University Hospital (2004‐ 2012), where she instigated and managed the physiotherapy service for Vestibular Clients. For the last 7 years, Natalie has enjoyed working in private practice, where she exclusively sees clients with dizziness and balance dysfunction.

For the last 18 years Natalie has delivered curriculum related to vestibular dysfunction at various universities including graduate entry level at Bond University, and undergraduate level at Griffith University and University of Queensland. A nationally recognised vestibular clinician, Natalie develops and delivers post‐graduate training for physiotherapists throughout Australia. Natalie currently holds the position of Assistant Professor of Physiotherapy (Neurology) at Bond University and is an APA Titled Neurological Physiotherapist.