What To Expect

Booking Your Appointment

There are many different conditions that can make you dizzy or off balance. Given this, we recommend starting by giving us a call.

Our friendly administration team will be able to help answer any questions and set you up with your first appointment.

One of our physiotherapists will be happy to discuss anything more condition-specific with you over the phone.

Initial Appointment

It is important we have a thorough understanding of you and your overall health, signs and symptoms before performing any assessment.

Our administration staff will set you up with a questionnaire to fill out which helps speed this process along during your first appointment.

After obtaining a detailed history including your goals and what you hope to achieve, we then perform our vestibular and balance assessments to guide diagnosis and causes for your symptoms.

Time is left to ensure you leave with an understanding of your condition and an individualised rehabilitation program for practice at home.

This initial session usually takes 1 hour and can leave you feeling a bit dizzy and off balance.

We recommend you attend this session with a support person who will be able to drive you home. And suitable clothing and footwear to move in is appreciated.


Follow Up Assessment

Depending on the complexity of your condition and symptoms, review sessions can last anywhere from 30mins to 1hour.

Your physiotherapist will discuss this with you on completion of your initial assessment.

You will likely have been given an individualised program to complete independently at home.

To get the most out of your sessions it is important you are consistent and diligent with your program.

Telehealth Assessment

We offer comprehensive Telehealth Vestibular Assessments Nationally to anyone experiencing issues with vertigo, dizziness or imbalance across Australia.

Please get in contact with us if you are interested in an assessment but your circumstances or location do not allow for a face to face evaluation. Our Telehealth vestibular assessment option may be appropriate for you!

Suitable if you live in regional or remote areas with limited access to Specialist Vestibular Services

If you have trouble travelling, whether due to symptom provocation or transport issues, telehealth allows you to receive comprehensive vestibular services from the comfort of your own home.



Your initial assessment session fee is $220 for a 60minute appointment. Further details of our fee structure are available on request.

All sessions may be eligible for private health rebates depending on your level of cover. Please contact your private health insurance company to discuss this.

We happily accept NDIS, Work Cover, DVA, Insurance claims and more. If unsure, please discuss with our friendly administration staff.